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Renew Your Facility's Golf Course

                                   with Top Dressing and Bunker Sand

Renew your facility's golf course with supplies from Caylor Sports Sands. Our inventory of golf course maintenance materials includes top dressing for better grass growth and bunker sand for easier hitting in sand traps. Create a healthier looking golf course and Sports Fields with top dressing from our company in Lewisville, Texas.
Golfer, Top Dressing in Hewitt, TX
Greens Materials

Replenish your course's old, washed out sand with new white sand from our company. We offer you silica that has been washed and sized to meet USGA specifications. For your convenience, we provide delivery of 25-27 tons of sand per load.

Bunker Sand

Caylor Sports Sands also provides you with high-quality bunker sand that is more compact so that golfers can hit the ball accurately in sand traps. Brown and white varieties are available for delivery by the ton.

Golfer, Top Dressing in Hewitt, TX







Contact us : 214-587-7250  (888) 608-4653  in Lewisville, Texas, for top
dressing that helps improve the quality of your course's soil.

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