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Make your golf course the best in the area with products from Caylor Sports Sands LP. We sell a variety of golf course maintenance supplies, including golf course sand and top dressing. These are outstanding products that improve the soil quality, promote healthy turf growth, and help you maintain a manicured look for your greens. Improve your facility's greens with golf course sand and other maintenance materials from our company in Lewisville, Texas.     
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Quality Materials for Your Golf Course

For 50 years, Caylor Sports Sands™ has provided customers with first-rate golf course and Sports Fields maintenance materials. There are other places where you could shop for supplies but we offer you a better grade of materials at competitive prices.

Because we know that golf course and Sports Fields maintenance is serious work, we look out for you by ensuring that our golf course sand is of the highest quality. Your job is easier because we provide you with the materials you need to keep your course in great shape for your golfers.

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improve your course's condition with golf course sand and top dressing.

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